Arctic Ground Squirrels , change, and Christmas crochet. The Cutest Climate Change Culprits: Arctic Ground Squirrels.

I have to say, I would never have considered the modest toiling of hibernating ground squirrels to have had any environmental effect.  The linked article acknowledges that their contribution to overall climate change is likely small, but could still have some effect.  Of course, what does this say about all other burrowing creatures?  Does the world’s considerably more numerous moles have any effect on local gas releases?  Especially near past agricultural areas?  My guess is no, at least it pales besides the great upheavals human mining and construction causes.

On a more positive front, I have made my annual Christmas gifts for friends.


This a chevron patterned scarf in burgandy and black. Pattern is courtesy of  Rainbow Warrior at Chevron scarf  This was my first go at a chevron pattern and I think it came out rather well.


This is a pot holder featuring rows of alternating front post and back post stitches. If you’re wondering why my photos have strange angles, it’s because my tablet only takes selfies.

4 thoughts on “Arctic Ground Squirrels , change, and Christmas crochet.

  1. Loving your photos and the explanation! “My tablet only takes selfies”! Mine too! LOL! I actually laughed out loud! Thank you for that! Now, comment on blog… Please know it took me 5 minutes to realize the pretty, iridescent critter in the photo at the top of this page was NOT in fact an Arctic Ground Squirrel….. 😒
    Accurately identifying your crafted items as crochet I’d love to know what colors you used in your scarf. My tablet takes dark selfies as well, so don’t feel bad. Your blog post rocked! I truly enjoyed myself here!

  2. Oh, my… You already named the colors! Right in the post…😶 I’m so sorry for bothering you. LOL 😂 I thought they were red and black, so I was almost spot on! It’s a very pretty combination!

    1. Thanks! I happen to have friends that are University of South Carolina and University of Georgia fans so red,burgundy, and black end up getting used a LOT during the holidays.

      1. Well, I love black and all shades of red… But burgandy I never considered with black and I’ve been missing out on a great combo! Really look kinda velvety combined. I was born in Charleston, so I like every bit of info on SC. Made my day even brighter. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and crochet!

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